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Satu Runa, creator of "Hessians of Burbank"

Pollen Pictures Teams Up with Satu Runa for 1/2 Hour Comedy Series

LOS ANGELES, July 17, 2017- Producers Amanda W. Timpson  and Andrea M. Reyes of Pollen Pictures have teamed up with actress-writer Satu Runa to develop a 1⁄2 hour comedy series, Hessians of Burbank, for television.

Hessians of Burbank centers around Miriam: a thirty-something metal-head who escapes her soul-sucking desk job and heads for Hollywood on a quest to realize her lifelong dream of becoming a VJ. The show, created by and starring Runa, follows the lives of aging metal-heads refusing to evolve for anyone or anything as the world passes them by. It is an insightful, poignant homage to the bygone years of VJs and music videos- when heavy metal ruled the Earth.

“The minute Satu pitched this project to us we were interested. There’s something so universal about Miriam’s journey. Not everyone dreams of being a VJ, but everyone struggles with these ideas about identity, especially at a time when so many are encouraged to “follow their passion” at all costs. Hessians explores that cost with humor, honesty, and an unapologetically metal attitude. We’re thrilled to be working together on this project and can’t wait to introduce the world to Miriam.” -Amanda W. Timpson
Hessians is a reflection of the MTV generation. What happens to our idols after they fall? What does it mean to return to your roots after you’ve settled for conformity? Pollen Pictures understands the story I want to tell, and I’m honored to work them.” –Satu Runa

With a character-driven point of view in the style of Amazon’s FleabagHessians’ biting humor ties in the musical humor and fantasy elements of Mozart in the Jungle with the playful snobbery and philosophical musings of High Fidelity (2000). This is the first joint venture of Pollen Pictures and Ms. Runa.

About Satu Runa: Actress Satu Runa (The Coalition, Rizzoli & Isles) started out interviewing rock bands on public access in Jersey City, NJ. She worked in production at Fuse Networks, Vh1, and has been on-camera talent for Fangoria TV. A graduate of the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, Satu directed and starred in the pilot for 1⁄2 hour comedy Queen Gorya (2014) after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Official Site: www.saturuna.com Twitter: @SatuRuna

About Pollen Pictures: Pollen Pictures is an independent production company developing and producing engaging, provocative projects for TV, film, and digital platforms. Founded with the belief that storytelling is our most powerful tool for inciting change, Pollen Pictures is dedicated to diverse and inclusive storytelling both in front of the camera and behind. Official Site: www.pollen-pictures.com

Official Press Release: http://www.saturuna.com/hessians/

Satu Rautaharju

Launch of PictureSatu.com, The Queen, and New Photos!

Hello and welcome to Satuniverse! the Blog for PictureSatu.com.   Here you will find updates on Ravenwood Bluff Productions and other mysterious projects created by or involved with me: Satu Rautaharju (actress, musician, director etc.).

Firstly,  my directorial debut is going to be screened in a cinema (remember those?) at the New Filmmakers Fest in January, 2011 here in New York City.  This is amazing.  It’s only been a few months but it feels great to get a response for my film.  It feels weird promoting it considering the subject nature (a satire on the dangers of social networking), so it’s nice to have some kind of promotion outside of the Internet realm.

Secondly- My new website is LIVE!  It’s got brand new video clips from my acting, directing, and hosting work, as well as ALL NEW photos by Kid Hoover in my model portfolio.  I’m very happy with it and it feels great to finally launch it.  3, 2, 1….

Satu Rautaharju

photo by Kid Hoover

And finally:  I am working on a law drama pilot called “The Queen Can Do No Wrong,” starring myself and Mara Lee Gilbert.  In the vein of Rizzoli and Isles but it centers around a law firm co-owned by two very competitive women, and very different unconventional women.  On top of that, I am also writing and acting in a comical web series with Ms. Mara Lee Gilbert that will debut it’s first skit at the end of September.

The Queen Can Do No Wrong (tv pilot)

The Queen Can Do No Wrong (tv pilot)

STAY TUNED!  Plenty of fresh projects coming your way…

Thanks for watching,