Prince Dreams

I warmed up on the keys then tuned my guitar. The rest of the musicians were eagerly checking a blackboard with their names written in alphabetical order. Each name had a song written next to it, up to the S’s. I anxiously waited to see which song I would get, if I would get one at all, because if you didn’t get a song selection you were cut from the band try-outs. Waiting patiently, nervous. Did I make the cut? Was I good enough? And there it was. He had chosen “Darling Nikki” as the song I would sing for the band, and play guitar on. All of my dreams had come true with the stroke of a purple pen. Dressed in gold and yellow, he turns to look at me, smirking, black curly cue perfectly coiled on his forehead. I whispered “Thank you” as he strutted off to start rehearsals. #PrinceDreams

-Darling Satu



You Are Temporary

Love is a funny thing.  Sometimes I am sure there are two kinds of love, and they cannot exist together.  Other times I wonder if love is a myth created by Hallmark.  What is it?  Is it sex, passion, drive, desire?  I LOVE my acting career.  I would die for it.  I desire many things, and can’t have them all.  So when you can’t get what you want, a partner, an Oscar, a part in a feature film… is it purely desire?  And once you get it, does the desire dissolve- since desire is solely what drives us to achieve our goals?  Does that mean that love is what is needed to sustain our “achievements”?  I think yes.  So how is it possible to maintain both love, desire, and keep our dreams in check?

Learn to let go of what bothers you.  Change what you can, drop the rest.  People are harder to change than circumstance.  Love something for what it’s worth.  Leave the rest.  Change people through your art, not your self.  Separate the two.  Let one exist solely to live on after you.  You are temporary.  You art is more permanent than you could ever be.  Learn to let go.  Write it out and throw it away.  Translate it into vision, song, touch- but don’t break it down into words.  Let everyone else try.  Be the artist you wanted to be.  Love everything.  Hate nothing.  Alchemy of emotion….

Slumberland (short film written and directed by Jeffrey Anderson Bliss)

It’s a wrap.  Almost…a few scenes left to go and production on Slumberland will be complete.  It’s been a wild ride and this film has the most amazing energy and the most incredible cast and crew anyone could imagine.  It was a dream to live, and we lived the dream.

with the cast in Williamsburg on set of “Slumberland”

Great hope avails for this project, helmed by writer/director Jeffrey Anderson Bliss.
With an excellent track record (winner, Best Experimental Film at Independent’s Film Festival, Best Student Film at Wimbledon Shorts Fest), Bliss aims to take Slumberland as high as the film gods will allow it.

on set of "Slumberland" dance sequence

Slumberland follows the path of “Lola Gardner,” a struggling heart-broken New York actress living inside of her dreams.  Satu Makeda plays the lead character of Lola.

“Lola dances”

More updates on “Slumberland” to follow…screening date in New York City to be announced early in the New Year.

Stay Tuned