Month: December 2015

Lady Cops, Fangirls, and Screenplays: Year in Review: 2015

To feel successful and balanced is what I would consider… euphoric. Here is my 2015 in reflection:

  1. I wrote my first feature film and a sci-fi pilot. For the first time in my career, I sidelined everything to focus on generating story ideas. I haven’t put this much focus in writing since my college days studying journalism and creative non-fiction. It seems to agree with me and I will certainly continue this endeavor. I highly recommend the “30 Day Challenge” of writing one story idea/day.
  2. I booked a couple acting gigs, including one on a network TV series. First time shooting at Paramount, a co-starring role on Rizzoli & Isles as a “Officer Shireen.” My character was named after one of their former writers who happens to share the same name as my aunt. All because I mentioned that I am Trinidadian in my IMDb bio. Never underestimate the power of a connection.


    Tenspotting (2015) I have a small but fun cameo in this romantic comedy directed by Patrick Meaney

  3. I designed a book cover for my co-worker, author Kurt Godwin.

    Book cover designed by Satu Runa

    I’ve always loved graphic design and meddled with it since Photoshop 6. This was my first paying gig as a graphic designer.

  4. I worked with Joe Lynch on a Faith No More music video. Still reeling from this one. Got “assistant to Joe Lynch” credit. Fantastic experience, hard work, and worth the time and effort. faithnomorewine2014_638Joe Lynch is a joy to study filmmaking with and a true pro to his crew and cast. SO honored to be a part of this!
  5. I took a Studio Lighting course at Arts Center Pasadena. This was superbly educational and worth it for the studio time alone. I’ve always needed to learn the basic and it was a truly well rounded course taught by Rick Ueda. Can’t recommend this enough.
  6. I attended my first gay wedding (my cousin tells me, while we observe the Celine Dion drag performance and Bollywood dance sequence under the cinematic lighting on the Old Montreal port “This feels like a celebrity wedding” and that it was).
  7. I lost an Uncle early in the year after a fast and short painful battle with cancer. This has been a rough year for my family as his presence was large. He was the most naturally funny person I’ve ever known and a master at being the master of ceremonies at events. Here’s to you, Uncle Z. “Love you every day that there is.”

My favorite selections from this year’s photoshoots:

Concerts I attended:

  1. Skinny Puppy (third time seeing them, still incredible)
  2. Dillinger Escape Plan the biggest release I’ve had in years.
  3. Faith No more (so… so lucky)
  4. Muse (upcoming show in LA) this will be my fourth time seeing Muse and I CAN’T GET ENOUGH.

2016 Goals:

  1. Write an EP and release a sick music video. My first love was piano and any chance I get to revisit this is a blessing. I miss my band days and I hope to play a few shows as it is most certainly a virus that needs feeding.
  2. Write three more feature screenplays and another pilot and act in them.
  3. Take more dance and extreme fitness classes. I want to push the limit with my physique. I want to be on camera and drop some jaws/drawers 😉
  4. Produce, direct, and star in my action short. Sicario has ruined me in the best way. Jumping on the film festival circuit with this. And, getting ripped before production starts.

Here’s to a fruitful 2016. If you’re not putting your all in, you won’t get back much. I’m playing with a full deck, are you?