Month: March 2014

Queen Gorya, Kickstarter-Funded TV Pilot Underway

I have to say that the Kickstarter campaign for our 1/2 hour comedy pilot, Queen Gorya, completely wore me out.  It was a tumultuous time for everyone involved.  Yet the last few hours of the campaign were the most exhilarating hours of my life.

Thanks to all of our patrons, we managed to raise $13,000 in 36 days.  When a project is funded by the fans, every creative decision is done with the joy of knowing that we are going to make these people proud and happy.  I still can’t believe it.

And so, pre-production is well underway.  Production is planned to begin early April.  We have a stellar cast, with an equal share of seasoned comical actors and rising star talent.  They will be the soul of this machine- and I’m driving!  As director & producer, I couldn’t be more proud of my work and my team.  This is going to be epic.

Queen Gorya and Terry the Wolfman

Queen Gorya and Terry the Wolfman illustration by Adrian Barrios

The best part about it, however, is that I get to be Gloria Gorgodianm aka “Queen Gorya,” and look through her green-tinted shades once again for a few days.  Life is better in character.

-Satu Runa, your actress and filmmaker.