Month: December 2013

My 2013 Year in Review (Pretty. Freakin. Epic.)

2013: The Year of Er0S, and a lot of firsts!

  1. Met Jessica Chastain, David Oyelowo, and the original Freedom Riders
  2. The Coalition (Magnolia Pictures) released on Blu-Ray, 5 days after our producer won the Superbowl!
  3. Went to my first NAMM, met Stephen Perkins (drummer of MY FAVORITE BAND) 
  4. Started an actor’s reel production company
  5. Directed, starred in, and executive produced the Queen Gorya pilot trailer
  6. Dr. Pepper commercial released (my first national)
  7. Ascertained that directing is my greatest passion and strength, second only to acting
  8. Attended 5 comic and horror conventions (only 5?) in character as Queen Gorya.  Heisted the Days of the Dead panel of a famous wrestler.  Garnered a few thousand fans.  Got invited to host next year’s con (!)
  9. Met a performer I truly admire and respect, Ogre of Skinny Puppy
  10. Played a wicked “morgue zombie” in a SyFy original feature, which filmed on location in a cemetery
  11. Booked a professional dancer role in my first Bollywood feature film.
  12. Had an EPIC trip back to New York City for 4th of July, with Mara Lee Gilbert, Thomas Vasquez, and Jon Kita (the original dusketeers, plus one)!
  13. Shot a wicked web series in New York called “MilkShakespeare” 
  14. Got to know a few sacred tigers, lions, and bears at the Wildlife Waystation, thanks to the ravishing Rachel Prescott
  15. Raised 13K for Queen Gorya Pilot Episode through Kickstarter
  16. Got cast in an incredible production of “Cabaret” and started working with some of the most interesting and wild people in LA.

2014 begins with another fantastic year of life…in the CABARET.