Month: November 2013

The State of Queen Gorya

I’ve been working very hard on a TV series called “Queen Gorya.”  I play the title character of the series created by Andrew Harrison, and it has been a wonderful challenge producing, directing, and developing this dark comedy TV series.  It is my first crowdfunding campaign (which ends November 20th), and I find the most donations come from family and friends.  The other projects on Kickstarter have inspired me, the ones that are most compelling are the inventions and start-ups.  We have $8000 left to raise in just 12 days, and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  It has been heartbreaking, back breaking, and mind breaking but I feel compelled to complete this journey.

Queen Gorya stars Satu Runa and Steve J. Palmer

Queen Gorya stars Satu Runa and Steve J. Palmer

The challenge of producing a project that you did not create lies in inspiring and motivating everyone involved, including the potential fans.  I’m amazed at what I am willing and able to do just for a small opportunity to act.  Actors are crazy for a reason- that’s what it takes to get something done.  I love Queen Gorya and would cherish the opportunity to tell her story properly through the medium we deem worthy of her.  If we do not meet our goal, it will be very hard to walk away.  If I walk away, this project will die.  I hope it never comes to this.  After 1 year of my life, pretty much every day has been dedicated to creating this TV show.  It just goes to show that it takes a whole lot more than one person’s ambition to make something happen.  My next challenge is to find another producer that can be inspired by our work and help get our show in the proper spotlight.

A poster, designed by Tom Vasquez, for our Kickstarter campaign:

"Queen Gorya" illustration by Tom Vasquez

“Queen Gorya” illustration by Tom Vasquez

So here’s to Queen Gorya, Temptress of Terror.  Let her live on into the night, and perhaps will someday make an appearance on television or computers all over the world.  Save Queen Gorya: