Month: October 2013

Happy Hauntings My Fiends!


Queen Gorya and Terry “The Wolfman” (actors Satu Runa and Steve J. Palmer)

It’s that time of year!  I find that often during my favorite season of all, autumn/Halloween-straight through Christmas, I have the most work on the table consistently, year after year.  This is the time to create spooky, juicy, creepy, crawly projects and I have some to tell you about!
QUEEN GORYA is my new TV series that I am directing, producing, starring in, and developing.  I am in love with this character and her universe.  It is a dark and mysterious world of the occult and Queen Gorya, horror hostess extraordinaire, is stuck in the middle with her co-host, Terry the Wolfman.  We will be having a Kickstarter campaign launching October 15 to raise money to complete the pilot episode!  I hope she finds a great home because she deserves it!  Check out the trailer for the pilot episode HERE:

On top of this bad boy, I am producing a feature film entitled “The Lunatic” directed by Scott Rosenbaum.  It’s all very hush-hush but we are developing a thriller/horror fanbase and releasing episodes bit by bit until the start of our very own IndieGoGo campaign (it will be fun getting to know the in’s and out’s of these two sites comparatively) November 1.


Satu Runa, actress “Happy Halloween!”


Satu Runa

Did a “Halloween” promotional fun photoshoot (as I always do)- check out my latest spooky pics,  I love how they turned out!  Happy Hauntings my FIENDS xxoo- Satu (aka QUEEN GORYA!).