Month: July 2013

Beeeee Yourself

Words I hear over and over again.  But it hits harder every day.  Every now and then a new artist comes along that rocks my socks and inspires me to be true to who I am, as cliche as this phrase can be, it’s vitally important to the success of an artist. 
Watching the music video “Oblivion” created by Canadian solo-artist, Grimes, makes me want to abandon all societies notions of who they think I am.  I used to be free…before drama school, before hitting the business side of the industry.  I was always a musician, since I could talk and play music.  I also wanted to be an actress at a young age, but I never knew that meant having to scrape whatever identity or “ego” I had placed on myself for protection from the world.   I’m learning now that it’s better to keep it on, as it’s my individual experiences that have created the uniqueness of my self.  It is my shell that I have made from the sands time has given me.
I am rebuilding that shell and can remove it at will in order to play a role that requires it, but I realize now that it is entirely more valuable to keep this pretty shell I have made, and see the world through it, adding another mask on top of it.   Like a tinted lens.  Adding one color after another.