Month: July 2012

Olympic Spirit

The Olympics are the most compelling awards on the planet:  A certain mark of true excellence, measuring exact physical perfection and achievement.  The Oscars are a close second for me, but I don’t believe art can really be judged by a small panel as it is entirely based on perspective and a small percentage of technique.

I look forward to both summer and winter Olympics every two year and root for my countries (Canada, Finland, Trinidad, and what the heck- India) and all the underdogs.  But mostly for those who truly deserve the medals, the ones who fought the hardest and achieved physical excellence through hard work and complete sacrifice to become a symbol of human accomplishment.  Our dreams and goals begin with people like you, and I want to thank you for your time and efforts.  You will inspire me to be the best I can be, peacefully, in healthy competition.  There is always something more I can do to be great.
I have a new photo! It’s an athletic shot, but also honoring our Stanley Cup Champions, the LA KINGS!  Can’t wait for the winter Olympics as my home country and my father’s country fairs best during the cold months.  But until then- GO TEAM CANADA and TRINIDAD!

Satu rooting for Stanley Cup Champions the L.A. Kings!

Satu rooting for Stanley Cup Champions the L.A. Kings!


Batman: Dark Knight Rises…others fall

A somber night indeed.  We all lined up, waiting with huge anticipation and 4 years of build up to see the end of one of the greatest trilogies ever made.  It was such a great feeling to be a part of a wonderful community.  This superhero brought us together, all differences aside, on this night we love Batman and we share our love by watching him fight villains on screen.
I dressed up like Harley Quinn, one of my favorite characters.  Several people adorned with capes, comic-con t-shirts, and cat ears paced in the lobby waiting to be seated for the opening night of The Dark Knight Rises.  Nothing but positivity  and happiness bloomed from everyone’s face.  The film blew expectations out of the water, a fitting end to an adored and respected franchise led by director Christopher Nolan and writer David S. Goyer.  Performances from Bale, Cotillard, and Hathaway were playful and promising.  Tom Hardy as Bane made me really like the character, right up there with Ledger’s joker.  The twists and subplots confirmed my theories and suspicions, all in all it was great leaving a Nolan film feeling complete as opposed to hanging on a cliff until who knows when.
Directly after the midnight screening we got the news on Twitter.  Instantly, the happiness was withdrawn.  All thoughts of the film were subdued and almost erased.  Suddenly all of our words and thoughts were suspended and replaced with disbelief, shock, despair, and anger.  Fellow Batman fanatics, friends, people we’ve never met but nonetheless people who all shared the same enthusiasm so as to attend a midnight screening of the film we all have been biting our nails to see, had been fatally hurt watching the same film as millions of people nationwide.  Our brethren have fallen, and its all because of a lone gunmen.  Why did he have all these weapons? How did he have access to them?  Why did he do it?  All questions we ask to try and make sense of a deranged lunatic’s actions, much like the villains in the comic books themselves.  Why does the Joker do what he does?  Chaos.
Batman clearly states several times during the film his particular stance on guns.  Batman does not use guns.  Batman does not believe in using guns.  Catwoman has a different opinion about it, and I thought they handled that conversation nicely.  It’s simple, but also so, so complex.  But I’m with Batman, as I always have been.  No guns.

No guns for Batman. No guns for me.

Be safe out there.  Hold onto your loved ones.  My thoughts and tears are with you, Aurora.  Stay together and stay strong.  We love you.

Air Guitar, Comic Con, Batman, Oh My!

This has been the nerdiest week of the year- with the US Air Guitar regionals at the Troubadour last Friday, Comic Con Saturday, and BACK TO BACK SCREENINGS of Batman: Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises at the Arclight Thursday!  This is a very fulfilling feeling I hope to top each year.  AND great news!!   The peeps over at have asked me if I would like my show broadcast via PlayStation Home, home of 20 Million active users.  As the Final Fangirl, I had to say YES because this will help my viewership skyrocket!  My new show, “NERD NOISE with the Final Fangirl” will be broadcast through GamerinDepth and PlayStation Home, so be on the lookout as after the initial broadcast, it will be on YouTube for your viewing pleasure!

Nerd Noise with the Final Fangirl

Let’s talk AIR.  Air guitar, that is.  Originally, I was going to compete, then I decided I would just cover the event.  And suddenly I realized, deep down inside, there is NO WAY in heck that I would miss an opportunity to perform air guitar in front of hundreds of people on a Friday night in Los Angeles for anything!!  So, camera in tote, air guitar on my back- I competed and covered the event.  The best thing about this competition is the friendliest competitors I have ever met.  They are more of a team, members of the same tribe.  I certainly felt nervous as I was the only person arriving in costume.  Everyone looked very “normal,” I thought maybe I put too much effort into it.  And then, a fully decked out “Mummy” came in.  Silent, keeping to himself, and practicing his song.  The crowd started arriving in hoards, and the costumes went on piece by piece.  I was DEFINITELY in the right place.  24 contestants in total and I went on in the middle.  I feel like a rocked it!  The judges were brutally honest but I god a really decent score for a first timer: 5.6, 5.7, and 5.7 based on the figure skating Olympic scale between 4.0 and 6.0!  Yay.

The Final Fangirl US Air Guitar Regionals Los Angeles 2012

And then there was THE CON.  The San Diego Comic Con 2012 absolutely blew my Wonder Woman socks off.  I had a freaking fabulous time and this too, truly felt like home.  I had gone to several New York Comic Conventions since 2005 when the Jacob Javitz Center started hosting the new event.  This was my first SDCC and it ROCKED.  I didn’t have a plan which is clearly essential when visiting, one can get overwhelmed quick.  I happened to stumble into all of my favorite artists (Jhonen Vasquez (JTHM), Alex Horley (Lobo), and a few actors and directors as well (Sid Haig, Lloyd Kaufman).  I visited some old friends at the Fangoria and Troma booths and got a small toy bust made via a 3D scan of my head, courtesy of Makerbot.  It was wild and wicked, and the after parties in the Gaslamp District were out of control!  Next year: staying all 5 days and getting a room NOW as any SDCC veteran knows- it books well in advance.

Satu Makeda The Final Fangirl Iron Man 3

Next year I will be going as CAPTAIN SCHOOLGIRL (upcoming TV series and former comic book), a comic con favorite co-created by myself and Will Finan.  The script is ready and by next year the pilot will be shot, costume revamped, and promotional mode in full force!
Stay tuned everyone…lots of exciting footage soon to be released.
Also I am merging my two blogs:  All Hollywood in the Lemon Light posts will finally be including in my Satuniverse blog.  Everything Final Fangirl related can be found here on Satuniverse as well.  Less confusion=more blog posts too.  Thanks for following!  See the latest movie review for “Moonrise Kingdom” HERE: