Month: February 2012

New business, new projects, new year, new life!

It’s been a whirlwind of a year already, which is unexpected and wonderful!  “Marisol” by Jose Rivera, directed by Don Williams and playing at The Art of Acting Studio has been such a wonderful experience.  The show runs until March 10.  Every day has been a  full house or close to it!  It’s amazing playing to a sold out audience.  It’s been a while since I played the stage and its been quite refreshing working on thought provoking and DEEP material.  I highly recommend watching this performance, it will open your mind.  It’s worth it for the amazing set design by our very own cast member, Michael,  and lighting design by producer Johnny Yoder!

Tickets available at
(E-mail for half price!)

Big news!  I joined the Silverlake indie group, Modern Time Machines.  I play keys and sing back up vocals.  We have been asked to perform on the Eric Andre Show for Adult Swim on Cartoon Network!  Taping is Tuesday of next week so we are all really excited and busy rehearsing for that.

What else what else… I played THE VIPER ROOM lounge in a solo set of my own music last week.  It was amazing and I am so honored to be a part of rock n roll history…I finally broke my Sunset Strip cherry and I hope to play many more shows there in the future!
I just bought a Canon 7d and will be using it for my upcoming documentary short, “Does Light Pollution Matter?”  Oscars, here we come! But first, the footage.  I can’t wait to travel and film amazing sunsets and skylines and acquire some amazing interviews from experts and civilians alike.  I love nerding out on science and space, so this film will be an extraodinary experience.

Onwards and upwards!  I promise to check in more often 🙂  I feel like I blogged more when myspace was still popular.  So it goes…