Month: October 2011

Hot Chick of the Month: Satu Makeda!

My favorite month brings some nice press from with an interview and article for October’s Hot Chick of the Month, me!  This is quite an honor and I am so happy they found me.  It’s a great article and I mention my new projects, The Coalition, and a future re-vamp of Captain Schoolgirl (the one who got me noticed).  The article features some great photography by Michael Chinnici and Ryan Mellideo.  Check out the article  HERE: 
Tis the season for a haunting…I’m already 12 packets deep into some hot apple cider and the pumpkin patch perusing starts Monday!  But what better way to celebrate Happy Horror Month (thanks, Aprella!) than to shoot a PSYCHO-DRAMA film in the valley!   This weekend and next I will be covered in corn syrup and red dye, running for my life.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.  “94,” a short horror film from director Eli Roth’s Halloween Horror Night’s Top Ten finalist, Adrian Barrios, will begin production today and I will be playing the female lead role of “Sandra.”   Let the games begin!Certainly Miss October Hot Chick of the Month will squeeze in a few more photo shoots in the theme of HALLOWEEN (which is every day for some of us).  Check back for more updates!   HAPPY HAUNTING MY FABULOUS FIENDS!