Month: June 2011

That’s a Wrap!

What a fantastic month it has been working with director Monica Mingo and producer Terrell Suggs on the feature film, “The Coalition.”
I can’t believe it’s over as it has been quite a journey and definitely a fun ride!  I had a blast playing “Mira” and I really look forward to the premiere.  I miss my cast and crew so much.

on set of "The Coalition" with Nicole Garza and Adrienne Bailon

Tons of great talent and wonderful people all around.  I fell in love with Phoenix, AZ during the shoot as it is a fascinating city with gorgeous landscape and really cool, down to earth locals.   I will be back!  If anything to visit the ghost town in the wild wild west  🙂

Adrienne Bailon, Satu Makeda, Shanti Lowry, Terrell Suggs, Ingrid Clay, Nicole Garza, Denyce Lawton

What’s next?   Adrian Marquez Barrios (Marvel, Lucky Pants Films) will be directing the horror short, “94” this August.  I will be playing “Sandra,” the female lead and love interest.  I can’t WAIT to meet the rest of the cast and get started.  After this, writing and directing team Rose Sanchez and Jesse Gunzel (Marival Productions and Red Rogue Media) have a feature film in the works.  Top secret storyline!  I must say I’m definitely looking forward to working with these two again.  Such awesome professionalism and fabulous raw talent.
Still reeling off of The Coalition.  I can’t wait for you all to see it.  The fashion, the fabulousness, the power!  Team Sizzle is flying high.
After living in LA for 5 months, I can definitely say that I LOVE IT HERE and I’m here to stay.  Work, work, work!  Keep it coming.  In my spare time, I am focusing on directing my documentary short, “Does Light Pollution Matter?”  Self explanatory title.  My second film “Faces of Durer” is making the festival circuit while my first, “Public Persona” is continuing to win awards (Best Script honorable mention, SkyFest 2011).  I love this industry.  It was made for me.

Stay TUNED kids!
Lots of Love,

Satu Makeda