Month: April 2011

Screenings Galore, and Film Festival News!

The day has come:  Slumberland  has an official New York premiere date, Public Persona (honorable mention “Best Script” for SkyFest 2011) is to be screened a second time at eGarage in Long Island City, and production for The Coalition is set to begin May 18, 2011.  My work is definitely cut out for me and I can’t wait to begin!

Slumberland, directed by Jeffrey Anderson Bliss, will be screened on May 7th, 2011 at 6:30PM sharp.  The location is the Skirball Center of Performing Arts in New York, NY.  It is part of an evening of shorts beginning at 5PM from NYU’s most promising directors.  I play the lead role of  “Lola,” a heartbroken New York actress living in a surreal world.  The film was originally going to be screened at the MoMa, but due to audience capacity overload, it was moved to the Skirball Center.  Full house!

Skirball Center, 6:30PM, Saturday May 7th, 2011. New York, NY

Public Persona, my directorial debut, will be screened on Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 at 6:30PM as part of a movie night of shorts for  The screening location will be in Long Island City, at 44-02 23rd St, Studio 104.  E,G,M, or 7 train to Court Street. This is the second screening forPublic Persona, and we are truly psyched that people still want to see our film!
Aslo, the film just won honorable mention for “Best Script” at SkyFest V...laurels coming soon!

My second film, Faces of Durer, has just been submitted to the film festival circuit.  Expect screening dates for Faces of Durer to be announced later in the year.  We are crossing our fingers for Citizen Jane, and Red Rock!!

Faces of Durer, directed by Satu Makeda, starring Satu Makeda, Shane Hobel, and Gabriel Vinals

And….ONTO the next!  My first feature film in a few years, The Coalition, begins production straight away May 18th.  Production was pushed back due to Team Sizzle Productions involvement with the Cannes Film Festival.  Yes!  Their film, Sisters, is being screened at Cannes.  And so, I firmly believe, that I am in good hands.  Playing the quirky part of “Mira” is going to be fun, challenging, and a total blast.

See you in New York!  Can’t WAIT to visit!  I’ll try not to get lost in my favorite haunts again and make it back to LA safe and sound 🙂



Stripped down website, new hair, exciting movie news!

So after being quite miffed about having to wait for anyone’s personal site to get through a super long flash intro…
I decided to create my new website in the most simplest form: SANS FLASH.
I was weary of this method but as an actor you can’t mess around…people do NOT like to wait for information.  You are lucky enough if they even get to your site so don’t make them wait when they arrive!  My new site is quite simple, direct, and has everything you need from me as an actress, host, and model.  The directing and writing…that is for this blog, my YouTube and Facebook sites, and for (which is still up and running for the die-hards).  Currently (and forever): is the new, stripped down, easy to navigate address!

new haircut

new haircut

New Hair: Yes I got a hair cut.  I needed a change and I lightened it up a bit.  It’s quite flattering but I am definitely growing it back out!  I have gotten a fantastic reaction from casting directors and industry folk of all shapes and sizes.  They like it…they really like it!  But I miss my lovely long chocolate tresses…so short-is-out!  (Unless I book a series…then it’s short-for-life).

Well, I haven’t gotten the word from production or the director about what I can and cannot say.  I will say this:  the role is quirky, smart alec, best friend of the lead.  It’s a comedy, feature film, and the production company is funded by a famous athlete.  The films they have produced are of the upmost quality and all are heading to film festivals.  I have every reason to believe this film will broaden my fan base in unexpected and pleasant areas.  I’m totally excited to be shooting on location outside of California, and I’m glad I’m doing a comedy because it’s been a while ( anyone?).
I love the team and the writing, I can’t wait to start shooting (in three weeks!) and I can’t wait to tell you more.

Until I hear back from production, I am working on the script, preparing for another lead role in a short film written and directed by my friend at Marvel Studios, and anxiously awaiting the private screening of SLUMBERLAND in New York City this May.  SO excited for this!!

Pictures and stills when I return…


I miss my long hair

I miss my long hair