Month: September 2010

New York Fashion Week, Backstage Magazine, and a Six-String Siren

It’s been a crazy few days.
Ever since I launched the website, steam has picked up three-fold.  I booked a fashion week show, got a feature in Backstage magazine, and booked a great gig on Royal Pains as the guitar player for a great band.
Life is swell…

I booked a gig modeling for a photoshop instructional textbook on color correction (finally! It had to be made for gals like me).  Thanks to photographer extraodinaire, Sasha Nialla.
.Satu from the Sasha Nialla shoot
Satu from the Sasha Nialla shoot

Kidear Youmans Fall Fiction Fashion Show was a riot.  Going off at the Gallery Bar in the east village, the place was packed and had tons of paparazzi. What a fantastic experience, all around!  I’d forgotten just how thrilling it is to walk down a runway.
Satu at Kidear Youmans Fall Fiction Fashion Show
Satu at Kidear Youmans Fall Fiction Fashion Show

This week I am featured on the “Backpage: The Working Actor by Jackie Apodaca” in BACKSTAGE Magazine.   I couldn’t be happier.  The article is about the age old question (for me, anyhow):   Should I anglicize my name to get more work?  Send comments and read the article here: Satu in the Backstage Article
Satu in the Backstage Article

For the past two days (and two more next week) I have been performing as a guitar player in a band for USA’s hit medical dramedy “Royal Pains.”  It’s been a great experience so far, and the band and I are having a blast.  My top-secret alternate dream career is to be a raging guitar player for a prog-rock band.  This is pretty close to that wish, only it’s electro dance rock (Syracuse’s Ra Ra Riot).  Pictures coming soon.

I will be rounding out next week with a few meetings at some top modeling agencies here in New York…steam is definitely picking up.
Who knew?

” Give me steam, baby!”–Peter Gabriel

Satu Rautaharju

Launch of, The Queen, and New Photos!

Hello and welcome to Satuniverse! the Blog for   Here you will find updates on Ravenwood Bluff Productions and other mysterious projects created by or involved with me: Satu Rautaharju (actress, musician, director etc.).

Firstly,  my directorial debut is going to be screened in a cinema (remember those?) at the New Filmmakers Fest in January, 2011 here in New York City.  This is amazing.  It’s only been a few months but it feels great to get a response for my film.  It feels weird promoting it considering the subject nature (a satire on the dangers of social networking), so it’s nice to have some kind of promotion outside of the Internet realm.

Secondly- My new website is LIVE!  It’s got brand new video clips from my acting, directing, and hosting work, as well as ALL NEW photos by Kid Hoover in my model portfolio.  I’m very happy with it and it feels great to finally launch it.  3, 2, 1….

Satu Rautaharju

photo by Kid Hoover

And finally:  I am working on a law drama pilot called “The Queen Can Do No Wrong,” starring myself and Mara Lee Gilbert.  In the vein of Rizzoli and Isles but it centers around a law firm co-owned by two very competitive women, and very different unconventional women.  On top of that, I am also writing and acting in a comical web series with Ms. Mara Lee Gilbert that will debut it’s first skit at the end of September.

The Queen Can Do No Wrong (tv pilot)

The Queen Can Do No Wrong (tv pilot)

STAY TUNED!  Plenty of fresh projects coming your way…

Thanks for watching,